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What Is SEO In Digital Marketing

Welcome Friends To Our Blog Today We Will Talk About What Is SEO In Digital Marketing. SEO is The Most Talked About Topic in Digital Marketing, Blogging, and Affiliate Marketing. Till Today You Must Have Heard From Many People That With SEO You Can Increase Traffic, Rankings, And Earnings Etc.

There Are Various Marketing Strategies And SEO is One of The Most Popular Types of Digital Marketing. Everyone Will Give You A Different Opinion About It, Also Tell You About Its Different Methods And Some Of Them Will Also Give You Suggestions Of Many Tools And Guide on How You Can Do Better SEO With Them.

But Nowadays There Are Many People on The Internet And YouTube Who Will Give You Incomplete Information About It OR Will Simply Ask You To Buy Their Courses. But If You Want To Know Exactly What SEO Is, How It Works, What Are Benefits of SEO, And How You Can Do It In 2022, Then Read This And the Upcoming Article Completely. Through Them, I Will Give You Complete Information Related To SEO in Hindi And English Without Any Cost.

Whatever Information I Will Give You Here Will Be According To The Search Engine Guidelines of 2022 And You Can Use Them To Rank Your Website And Your Client’s Website Without Any Problem.

So Let Us First Start With What is SEO, Which Is The Most Basic Topic And The Most Asked Question.

What is SEO In Digital Marketing?

SEO Stands For Search Engine Optimization, OR In Simple Words, Optimize The Website OR Blog Web Pages According To The Search Engine Guidelines So That Search Engine Crawlers Can Easily Crawl Your Blog/Website And Understand The Information On It, Index It And Put It In Their Rank/List On Search Result Page.

Hearing Its Name, It Seems That We Have To Optimize The Search Engine In This, But In Reality, There Is Nothing Like This. Its Full Meaning And True Meaning is Optimization For Search Engine Means To Make Changes In Your Website/Blog According To The Guidelines And Ranking Factors Of Search Engines. 

So They Can Crawl The Pages Of Our Website In A Good Way, Understand The Information Given On It Can Understand The Structure Of Our Website, And Rank Our Website And Its Content At A Good Position Based On The Searches Done By Their Users. The main purpose of SEO Is to Syns Your Website With Search Algorithms To Rank Higher And Optimize It For User Use.

So Now You Must Have Understood What Is SEO In Digital marketing.

Types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) In Digital Marketing

These Are Also Types of SEO And Every Expert Agrees With Them. Everyone Gives Importance To Them And Pays Attention On These All While Doing SEO Of Any Website. So Let's Know About Them.

1. On-Page SEO

So First of All, Comes On-Page SEO, This Is The Type of SEO Which Is Completely Under Our Control. We Can Make Necessary Changes In It Whenever We Want. In This We Will Also Optimize Our Website For Bounce Rate Also.

This Is Known As On-Page Because Whatever Is Done In It Is Done On Our Website. In This, Only The Elements Of The Website's Layout, Navigation, Content-Quality, Keywords Ratio, Keyword Research, Heading, Title Tag, URL, Etc Are Included. 

We, Will, Optimize These According To The Search Queries To Get Higher Search Engine Rankings. High-Quality Content Generation Is Also A Part of On-Page SEO. We Will Publish A Dedicated Guide Related To It Soon.

2. Off-Page SEO

This Is The Type of SEO That Is In Our Hands To Some Extent, But We Cannot Control It Completely Like On-Page SEO. This Is Equally Important As On-Page SEO. This Helps Google To Find Your New Websites And Content, Locate Related Websites And Pages, And Provide The Right Position To Your Websites In Search Results.

It Includes All The Work That We Do On Other Websites And Platforms Other Than Our Website, So That Our Website Gets Maximum Reference And Link Juice And Rank Higher On Search Engine Result Pages. This Includes Link Building And Promotional Activities For Indexed Pages. You Will Also Get The Complete Guide Related To This In Our Upcoming Posts.

3. Technical SEO

Now, This Is The Type Of SEO, Which Is Related To The Technical Management Of Any Website. In This, Many Times A Website Has To Change Some Of Its Source Code To Make Changes According To The Guidelines of the Search Engine. This Change Can Also Be To Remove Some Source Codes OR Add New Codes To Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly. 

Apart From This, Integrating Schema Markup In the Website, Adding Permalinks And Layout Design, Inserting Table of Contents And Designing it, Removing Unwanted Codes From the Website, Optimize JS Files and CSS Files and Generate Cache for Websites, And setting up things like Reverse Proxy, etc, Also A Part of Technical SEO. In This We Will Also Add Open Graph Meta Data For Social Media.

To-Do All This, Either You Have To Use WordPress Plugins (If You Use WordPress) Otherwise, You Will Have To Get These Changes Done In Your Website By Paying A Developer. In This Type of SEO, The Main Focus Is On Technical Changes So That The Ranking And The User Experience of The Website Improved. 

4. Local SEO

Now, This SEO Is Effective For All Small And Big Businesses. In This, Your Websites And Other Platforms Such As Google My Business, Bing Places Etc Are Optimized According To The Queries Searched In The Local Area Around You. This Is The Strategy of Search Engine Optimization That Is Used To Give Maximum Visibility To A Business In Its Local Search Results.

Any Business That Has A Fixed Location (Shop OR Office) And Supplies Its Goods And Services Only To A Certain Extent, Can Earn Maximum Profit From Local SEO. In This, The Main Thing Is To Get The Website Of That Business Ranked On Local Queries And Get That Business Verified On Various Maps.

A Complete Guide About This Will be Published Soon.

5. Negative SEO

Now, This SEO Is What No One Wants To Do On His Website, But His Competitors Give Him This SEO For Free As A Gift. It Is Used To Outrank Any Website OR Get It Penalized By Google. This Includes Creating Spammy Backlinks, Submitting Negative Reviews, 301 Redirect Any Spammy Domain To Competitor’s Websites, Etc. All of These Can Damage Any Business Websites And The reputation of That Business.

Usually, All The Actions Of Black-Hat SEO Are Included In This, The Only Difference Is That It Is Not Done By The Owner Of The Website To Get The Best Rank But By Competitors To Eliminate The Rankings Of That Website.


So These Were All Types of SEO Which Are Currently Dominated On The Internet. You Can Use Them To Get More Traffic From Organic searches.

FAQs Related To Search Engine Optimization In Digital Marketing

In This Article, We Tried Our Best To Provide Complete Information About The SEO In Digital Marketing. If You Have Any Question Realted To SEO, Then You Can Found Its Answer In Below Section. If You Didn't Find an Answer For Your Query Then Leave a Comment. We Will Post The Answer ASAP.

SEO Stands For Search Engine Optimization. It Refers To The Techniques That are Used To Rank Your Website Higher In Search Engine Results.

On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, And Local SEO, Are The 4 Types of SEO.

Internal SEO, External SEO, And Technical SEO Are The 3 Types of SEO.

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