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How To Prevent Pogo Sticking In SEO

Are You Looking For A Definitive Guide To Prevent Pogo Sticking In SEO? Then You Have Landed On The Best Destination. In This Guide, I will provide you with 8 effective ways to help keep your users on your landing pages.

As You, All Know, Pogo Sticking Will Affect Your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Position Due To The High Bounce Rate And Low Dwell Time. In This Guide, We Will Discuss How You Can Optimize Your Blog Posts To Keep Your Users On Your Page, And They Have To Don't Back And Click On Another Result.

In Our Recent Post, I Briefly Describe What Is Pogo Sticking In SEO? In That Post, I Told You That Pogo Sticking And Bounce Rate Have A Close Relationship With Each Other. Pogo sticking Is A Term That Describes User's Dissatisfaction From The Websites of SERP.

During Pogo Sticking In SEO, User Enters On The 1st Website of SERP, And Then Instantly He Comes Back To SERP And Clicks On Next Results. He Follows This Process For Upcoming 3 OR 4 Websites. In The Last, He Will Stays On A Particular Website Where He Gets His Query Satisfied.

Google Will Track User's Activities Through Google Analytics And Promote The Website That Provided The Satisfied Content To the User On SERP. So, If You Are Also Facing Drop In SERP Rankings Due To User's Pogo Sticking Behaviors, You Can Use Below Given Tips To Prevent It.

8 Effective Tips On How To Prevent Pogo Sticking In SEO

Now You Will Understand, Why Preventing Pogo-Sticking Is Important To Get a Better Position On SERP. So, Here are some tips for you that will help you do that. Read All The Tips And Use Them If You Are Facing Pogo-Sticking On Your Website Pages.

Write Long And Informative Article

This Will Help You Keep Stay Your Visitors On Your Page For a Long Time And To Help You Increase Dwell Time And Reduce Bounce Rate. Also, A Deep Article Will Provide More Value To The Users And Provide Them Maximum Satisfaction.

Also, Long Articles Can Help You To Get Maximum Share And Help You To Get Higher Rankings In SERP. So, Focus On A Long, Informative, And Quality Article.

Write Articles Related To Search Intent

Search Intent Is Also A Important Factor That Causes User Dissatisfaction And Increases The Bounce Rate. Search Intent OR User Intent Showing The Purpose of A Users Query. If You Are Providing Any Information That Doesn't Satisfy His Search Purpose, Then He Will Leave immediately.

So, Next Time, Before you Start Writing Any Article, Make Sure You Will Do Your Keyword Research According To Your Content Topic And Which Type of Intent You Want To Satisfy.

Don't Try To Write an Article To Cover All The Search Intent In It, This Will Decrease The Content Engagement, And Users Will Leave Your Website Instant. So, Stick With A Perticluer User Intent And Write A Optimized Article.

Keep Your Article Related To Your Title And Description 

Relevancy Is The Most Effective Way To Prevent The Pogo-Sticking. Because By Using This, You Will Provide The Right Info To The Users.

Anyone Click On Your Website, If He Is Searching For A Query Related To Your Title And Description And Your Article Is Also Related To That Query, Then Why He Leave.

To Satisfy His Query, He Will Read All Your Article And Stay on Your Website.

Stop Using Too Many Ads And Popups

Users Come On Your Website To Get Info About Their Questions And If Your Ads And Popups Are Preventing Them From reading The Answers OR Info.

Then Why do They Stay On Your Page? Use Only Responsive And Organized Ads That Will Not Disturb The User And Don't Block Their View. Just Serve Only The Highly Optimized Ads On Your Website.

Interlink Your Other Pages/Posts

If There Are Other Posts And Pages Related To That Topic On Your Website And You Think That People Also Search For That Info Before/After Reading The Current Post, The Interlink Those Pages.

Internal Links Will Not Only Improve Your Content Engagement With User But Also Improve The Linked Page Rankings On SERP. Interlinking Will Distribute The Link Juice In A Website.

Make Your Content Easy To Understand

It's Also A Good Practice To Stop The Pogo-Sticking. Just Make Your Content Easy To Understand Like Using Right Font Size And Type, So, A User Easily Read Your Info, And Don't Use Too Many Technical Words.

You can also use techniques like a Table of content to provide a facility to navigate a specific part of the Website Easily.

Keep Your Articles Updated

This One Is Help You If Pogo Sticking Is Causing Due To The old Info In Your Articles. Just Update With Latest Info, And Users Will Like To Read Them.

This Will Not keep Your Users Up To Date With Their Query Details But Also Send Signals To Google That Your Article Updated Recently And has updated Information.

Speed Up Your Site Loading Time 

If You Think That Pogo Sticking Is Happening On Your Website Due To The Slow Loading Time. Uses Are Leaving Your Website Due To The High Loading Time, Then Try To Find The Best Way To Remove This Issue,

You Can Go For Various Methods Like Changing The Hosting, Changing The Theme OR Layout, OR Using A CDN. More Than That, Site Speed Is Also A Ranking Factor, so this will also help you get a Better Position.

So, These are some tips that will help you overcome the Pogo Sticking Problem. If You Like These Tips, Then Don't Forget To Share It With Your Fellows.

FAQs Related To Fixing Pogo Sticking In SEO

In This Article, We Tried Our Best To Help You To Prevent The Pogo Sticking From to Your Website. But If You Think We Missed Something OR Have Some Other Query, Then Checkout The Below Question And Answers Section Related To Pogo Sticking Fixing. If You Don't Get Your Answer There, Then Comment Below, We Will Try To Provide You an Answer ASAP.

Yes, If Your Layout is Not Very Attractive And Users Have To Spend Time To Find Required information, Then They Will Leave Your Website Instantly, And This Will Cause The Pogo Sticking.

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