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Google Title Rewrite Update Complete Guide

Welcome To Our Blog, Today I Come Up With All The Information Related To Google Title Rewrite Update. If This Update Reduced Your CTR, Then In This Post, I Provided A Effective Guide To Stop The Loss.

So, If You Are An Blogger, Webmaster, OR An Businessman Who Runs Online Business, Then You Will Know About This Update. But, If You Are Yet Not Know About This Update, But You Noticed An Drop In Your CTR And Changes In Your Webpage Titles On SERP. Then This Is Due To This Update.

So, If You Want To Know About This Update, And Also Want To Know Why Google Launched It. Then In This Post, You Will Get Complete Information About It Here

As We All Know, Google Wants To Display Only Absolutely Correct And Important Information To Its Users And Also, Wants That No Low-Quality Result Will Rank In Search Results On High Position.

For This, Along With AI (Artificial Intelligence), It Controls Them With Various Updates. We also know That Title Is Also An Important Part of On-Page SEO, And It Also Affects Your SEO.

Google Released Link Spam Update Few Days Ago, And Within Few Days, They Released This Update Without Any Information. But When After Realizing Its Effects, People Started Questioning Google About It, Then Google Officially Announced Some Information About It.

So Let's First Know What is Google's Title Rewrite Update After All?

What is Google Title Rewrite Update?

Here By Title Rewrite, I Mean That Google Displays The Title Created OR Chosen By Its AI, Not The Title Set/Inserted By You In Meta Tags On SERP.

SERP Result Title Rewrite Update Was Not Launched In 2021. Google Implemented This Update In Mid 2016.

But Before 16 August 2021, It Used To Change Only A Few Titles. Then It Was Just Changing Only Those Titles Which Are Bigger In Length OR Don't Contain Accurate Information About The Webpage Content.

But On And After 16 August 2021, Many SEO Experts And Webmasters Noticed That Their Titles Have Completely OR Partially Changed. Even They Noticed That Some Titles Not Taken From Their Headings OR Content And They Have Also Not Inserted Them As Title Either.

Then After Tweeting By Many Users About This Issue, Finally, On 24 August 2021, Google Clearly Announced That This Is Not A New Update. They Just Implemented Their Earlier Algorithm On A Large Scale. They Do This To Generate The Accurate, Short, Easy To Understand, And Attractive Title For Any Webpage.

They Also Cleared That This Update Can Generate Title Outside From Your Website HTML. You Can Read The Official Announcement of Google About This Update By Visiting The Below Given Link.

Google's Title Rewrite Update Official Announcement

Google's Guide To Optimize Title And Which Titles Will be Rewrite

Why Was The Google Title Rewrite Update Released?

There Were Many Reasons Behind Releasing The Title Rewrite Update. Some of The Main Reasons Are Given Below. You Can Find Out By Reading These Main purposes of Google Behind Releasing This Update. Their Main Motive To Release This Update Was To Provide Accurate Information To The Users And To Display A Short Length Title That Is Understandable And Also, Represents The topic of That Webpage's Content.

  • To Add Your Brand Name In Title.
  • To Optimize The Title According To The Search Query.
  • For Control The Keyword Stuffing In The Title.
  • If The Title Is Short OR There Is Not Complete Information, Then To Make It Better.
  • If The Title is Wider, Then Fit It According To The Pixels of The Listing Box.

So These Were Some of The Reasons Due To Which This Update was Released And Implemented.

How does Google Title Rewrite Update work?

Google Rewrite Update Makes Changes In Your Title According To Various Factors. First of All, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Will Scan And Understand Your Webpage Content, And Then It Will Check That Your Title Will Providing A Clear And Complete Information About It OR Not. If Your Title Pass All Those Standards, Then Your Title Will Remain The Same As You Have Given. Otherwise, AI Will Scans Your Headings, Description, and Tags, Etc. If Any of Them Represents Your Webpage Content Well, Then It Will Be Used As The Title.

Sometimes Google Will Not Satisfied With Just This. It Also Checks The Anchor Text of Backlinks Coming To Your Content (This Only Happens If The Backlink Is Coming From A High-Authority Website) And the Anchor Text of Links Going From Your Content To Other Websites. Then If It Finds Any Anchor Text More Worthy Than Your Current Title, It Will Replaces Your Title With That Anchor Text.

In Other Cases, If AI Feels That Your Title Is Just Optimized Only For One Query, But Your Content Satisfies Other Queries As Well, Then He Can Also Generate A Suitable Title By Using AI And Your Paragraphs.

Apart From This, If You Have Maintained Any Other Alternate Titles On Your Website For Social Media OR Any Other Platforms. Then Google Can Also, Use Them As Your Webpage Title.

So Now You Have Understood That Through Which Factors Google's AI Can Rewrite Your Title.

How To Save Your Website From Title Rewrite Update Negative Impact:

Now, After Reading All This, You will Also Say That How We Will Know That Google Has Changed The Title of Our Post/Page And From Whom We Are Harming, And How We Can Control it.

So Let Me Tell You That For This, First of All, You Have To Find Out Those Posts/Pages Whose Title Has Changed, And After That Their Title Will Have To Be Set Back To The Previous One. The Complete Guide To Find The Links And Changing Title Are Given Below.

How to Find Title Rewritten Posts/Pages

For This, You Will Have To Manually Search By Entering The URLs of Your Posts/Pages in Google One By One And Match Their Appearing Titles With Your Entered Titles. If You See Any Major Difference In Them, Then It Means That Google Has Rewritten Your Title.

But I Will Not Prefer This Method. It's Not Necessary That This Update Only Harms Your Website, It Can Also Increase Your Organic Traffic In Some Particular Conditions. So All You Have To Do Is Stop Only the Negative Impact, Let The Rest Remain the Same For Testing And Then Take A Decision Based On The Difference Between Position And CTR.

So, First Of All, Find Out Those Links Using Google Analytics Which Had A Lot of Traffic. But After This Update, Their Traffic Has Decreased. After That, Go To Google Search Console And Check The Difference In Their CTR And Position. If You See Some Change There, Then Search That URL In Google. There You Will Get The Title And Description of That URL.

Now See Whether Your Title Is the Same OR Updated By The Search Engine. If It is the Same, Then Your Traffic Decreased Due To Some Other Reason. It Has Nothing To Do With This Update. But, If You Titled Rewrited By Google AI, Then It May Be That Your Traffic Has Decreased Due To This Update. Now Note Down That Title And URL.

How to Replace Google's Rewritten Title with Your Title

After That, When You Have Noted The Replaced Title And URL of the Affected Page/Post, Then Go To That Web Page And Find Out From Where Google Has Picked Up That Title. If It Is Coming From Your Headings (Mostly It Is Taken From H1 OR H2), Replace That Heading With Your Title. But Replace It With Some Changes, So That, It Becomes More Valuable.

Don't Enter Your Old Title, Else, No Guarantee That Google Will Show Your Desired Title.

If It's Generated From The Outgoing Backlink, Then Change Its Anchor Text. But, If The Title is Generating From The Anchor Text Of An Incoming Backlink, Then You Need To Improve The Quality of Your Meta Title. After Improving The Quality of Your Title, Submit It Again In Search Console. Soon, Your Entered Title Will Start Appearing In Google SERP.

Apart From This, Keep Your Title Between 600 Pixels (About 40 To 60 Characters) And Try To Define It In 5 To 7 Words (If Possible, But It Is Not necessary. It Will Be Determined On The Topic And Niche of The Content). Also, Don't Repeat Keywords Multiple Time In the Title. These Some Basic Tips Will Reduce The Chances of Your Title Rewritten By AI.

So This Was All The Information About Google's Title Rewrite Update. Now Let's See Some Questions Received About It And Their Answers.

Questions And Answers Related To Google Title Rewrite Update:

Below Are Some Questions And Their Answers Related To This Update of Google. These Questions Are Searched Many Times In Google After This Update. If You Also Have Some of These Questions, Then You Will Get Their Answer Below.

Question 1: Is It Necessary To Change The Rewritten Title of Any Post From Google AI?

Answer 1: No, There Is Nothing Like That. It's Always Not Neseccery That The Title Rewrited By Google AI Will Decrease Your Rankings And CTR. It Can Also Improve Your Traffic And Rankings. Anyway, We All Know That Google Keeps Performing A/B Testing. Maybe, Google Has Made Some Changes In Your Title To Check Its Effects On Your Traffic And Rankings. So Wait For Few Days, Until You Get Any Visual Outcome. But If This Update Negatively Affecting Your Traffic, You Can Change It With Your Title.

Question 2: Do We Have To Optimize The Title Tag Even After This Update?

Answer 2: Look, Every Time The Title of Your Post OR Page Doesn't Need To Be Rewritten. Google AI Makes These Changes Only In Some Selected Circumstances. So, You Still Have To Pay Attention To Optimization Your Title Tag And Headings. Anyway, Google Itself Stated That Optimize Your Title To A Better Version In advance So That AI Does Not Need To Rewrite Your Title.

Question 3: Will Google AI Rewrite The Title of All Pages And Posts of Any Website?

No, There is Nothing Like That. Google's AI Will Rewrite Only Those Titles That Do Not Fully Reflect The Content of A Webpage OR Contains Keyword Stuffing OR That Title is Not Optimized For Some Other Queries Which Are Related To The Content of That Webpage. So It Is Clear From This That This Update Will Not Rewrite The Titles of The Pages And Posts of All Websites. Only Some Short And Unoptimized Titles Will Be Affected By This Update.

Final Words:

So This Was A Complete Guide About Google Title Rewrite Update, What It Is, How It Works, And How You Can Protect Your Website From Its Negative Impact. Hope You Liked This Information.

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