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Google Link Spam Update Complete Guide

Hello Friends, Welcome Back, Again I Come Up With A New Guide On Google Link Spam Update. As You All Know, Google Has Released A New Broad Core Algorithm Update on 26 July 2021, Which is Being Named Link Spam Update. Many SEO Experts Are addressing it With This Name. So if You Are Also A Blog OR Website Owner OR You Are Also Interested In SEO And Trying To Know More About This Update Then This Article Can Be Very Important For You.

We All Also Know That Google Releases Some Core Updates from Time To Time To Improve Its Search Result Page And Improve The Quality of Its Results, Which Affects Some Ranking Factors. Due To This ranking of Some Low Quality OR Spammy Websites Is Reduced/Eliminated OR in Worst Cases the Website is put in Manual Penalty.

Continuing This Sequence, This Time Google Has Released Link Spam Update To Control The Link Juice And Authority Coming From Spammy, Low-Quality And Paid Link To Improve Its Results.

This Update Has Been Released Worldwide, Which Will Be Completed In 2 Weeks. So, Before Proceeding To The Rescue Section, Let's First Know What Is This Google's Link Spam Update?

What is Google Link Spam Update?

Link Spam Update Is A New Broad Core Update From Google That Forces Bloggers And Webmasters To Use Certain Relationship Attributes For Certain Types Of Backlinks. If The Owner Of The Websites/Blogs Does Not Use These Attributes While Giving And Taking Backlinks, Then He/She May Have To Face a Manual Penalty.

So Far, Only Two Types of Links Related Guidelines Have Been Issued in This Update. The First of These is Affiliate Links And The Second is Guest Post Links. If You Also Use Any of These Two Types of Links On/For Your Blog/Website, Then You Should Read The Information Given in This Article Thoroughly, So That, You Can Update Your Blog OR Website According To New Guidelines. This Will Help You To Save Your Blog/Website From Penalty And Your Rank Should Not be Harmed From This Update.

Some important information related to Google Link Spam Update:

Below is Some Important Information Related To Google's Link Spam Update. Read Them Carefully So That You Can Better Understand This Update And Its Impact.

  • This Update Will Start Rolling Out on The Night of 26 July 2021 And Will be Fully Implemented In 2 Weeks.
  • This Will be Implemented on Google's Servers All Over The World.
  • Link Spam Update Will Affect the Blog And Website of Every Language, That is, It Will Applicable For Every Language.
  • This Will Help Google To Better Understand And Control Link Spam.
  • Its Effect Will be on Both Incoming (Inbound) And Outgoing (Outbound) Backlinks.
  • Its Biggest Impact Will be on Affiliate Websites and Websites Those Are taking Most of Their Backlinks from Guest Posts.

Why was Google Link Spam Broad Core Update released?

The Main Purpose of Releasing This Update of Google Was To Control The Increasing Link Spam on The Internet. Google Wanted to Rank Only Websites With Good And Natural Backlinks. For This, They Have To Control The rank of Websites That Are Getting Backlinks From Paid Guest Posts And Through Their Affiliate Programs.

You Can Understand it in This Way, Suppose A Website Issues Affiliate Program To Sell More And More of Its Products. Then Many Affiliate Marketers Promote Those Affiliate Links on Their Blogs. Now, The Product Page Will Receive Link Juice From All of Those Blogs. This Link Juice Will Increase The Authority of That Product Page And It Will Start Ranking On A Very High Position On The Google Search Engine Result Page.

This Same Will Happen, Whenever Any Website Starts Getting High-Quality Backlinks Through Their Paid Guest Posts.

To Stop This Ranking Manipulation And To Rank Only The Websites With Good Content, Google Has Launched This Broad Core Update. So That Only The Websites Providing Good, In-Depth Content And Complete Information Will Rank On The Good Position.

How To Protect Your Website From Link Spam Update Penalty?

Although This Update Affects The Affiliate Website And Those Websites Which Take A Lot of Backlinks From Guest Post, Still To Keep Your Website Safe, You Should Include These Changes in Your Website.

1. Change the Relationship Attribute of Affiliate Links to Sponsored:

If You Use Affiliate Links On Your Website To Generate Your Income by Promoting Products of Various Platforms, Then It Is Very Important For You. If You Don’t Change Your Affiliate Link According To These New Guidelines In Your Blog/Website, Then This Core Update Can Give Your Website Automatic Penalty. Otherwise, Google Can Also Do This When Their Team Will Check Your Website Manually.

To Save Your Affiliate Website From Penalty, You Have To Change The Relationship Attribute of All Your Affiliate Links From Do-Follow OR No-Follow To Sponsored.

If You Have A Lot of Affiliate Links On Your Blog Then It Will Not Be So Easy To Change Them All At Once. For This, Keep in Mind That in All The Articles You Have Posted On OR After July 26, Use Sponsored As Relationship Attribute For Affiliate Links. If You Have Created These Links Using Any Plugin, Then You Can Expect That With Their Update, You Will Get This Option.

Till Then You Will Have To Make These Changes Manually On Your Website.

2. Update Your Guest Post Links With Sponsored Attribute:

Now Let's Talk About Backlinks Coming And Going From Guest Posts. According To This New Core Update of Google, You Will Also Have To Use Sponsored As a Relationship Attribute In The Links Going From Your Website And Coming From Other Websites. Whenever Someone Writes A Guest Post on Your Blog To Get Backlink For Their Website, Then Replace The Backlink's Attribute From Their Post With Sponsored, Otherwise, Your Website Along With Their Website May Have To Suffer.

If You Are Among Those Who Publish Guest Posts on Other Websites, Then You Will Have To Update The Links of Your Old Posts by Logging Into The Panel Containing Your Guest Posts. You Have To Update All Such Links Even If They Are Coming From The Author Profile. If You Don’t Have Such a panel, Then You Can Request For It By Contacting The Admin of That Website.

So According To The Information Received So Far, You Can Keep Your Website Safe From This Update By Making These Changes In Your Website.

Questions and answers related to Google Link Spam Update

Below Are Some Of The Questions Asked And Their Answers Related To This Update. If You Also Have Any of These Questions, Then You Will Find Their Answers Below.

Question 1: Will all the old No-follow Affiliate Links need to be converted to Sponsored?

Answer 1: Look, If Your Blog is Very Old And If There Are Many Affiliate Links On It Which Are Using Nofollow Attributes Then It Will Not Be Easy To Change Them In Such A Short Time. Google Also Understands This, So It Is Not Necessary To Change Them All of a Sudden. You Can Take The Time To Update The Old Articles And Make Changes to Them. But The Articles That You Have Published During OR After This Update, It Is Necessary To Use Sponsored In Them.

Question 2: Do We Have To Sponsor The Guest Post Links Immediately?

Answer 2: The Answer to This Question Will Also be Somewhat Similar To The First One. If There Are Many Guest Posts On Your Blog OR You Have Taken Links From Many Guest Posts, Then It Is Not Possible To Change Them All At Once In A Short Period. You Can Easily Replace Old Links By Taking Your Time. But The Guest Post Links Which Have Been Created During OR After This Update, It is Mandatory To Change Them To Rel=Sponsored.

Question 3: Will All Guest Posts And Their Links Become Useless Now OR Will The Importance of Guest Posts in SEO End?

Answer 3: No, Nothing Like This Will Happen. Every Guest Post is Not Written Only by Paying Money, There May be Other Reasons Behind It. All You Have To Do Now is Use Sponsored Instead of Follow. Google Does Not Reveal Every Aspect of Its Update. But It Is Expected That In This Also He Will Act As No-Follow And Will Himself Decide On Which Link To Send Link Juice And On Which Not. Apart From This, You Will Continue To Get Traffic From Guest posts. So It Is Not That After This Update Guest Post Will Have No Importance In SEO OR It Will Stop Working It.

Question 4: Is This Only For Guest Post OR Do We Have To Sponsor The Links Going From Our Posts As Well?

Answer 4: No, It Is Not That You Cannot Give a Follow Link To Anyone From Your Post. You Can Give a Follow Link To Any Website From The Articles Written by You. But Here Are Just A Single Term That You Do Not Publish The Guest Post Yourself To Give Backlink To Someone. If You Do This Then Google Will Catch You And Bring Down Your Rankings.

So This Was All The Information About Google's Link Spam Update. I Hope You Liked This Information And It Helped You To Understand This Update Better. If You Have Any Other Questions Related To This Then You Can Comment Below. We Will Try To Answer You As Soon As Possible.

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