What Is SEO, Why Its Important, And Its Types? - Complete Guide 2021

Guide About SEO, Its Importance And Types
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Welcome Friends To All of You on Our Blog, AmanPotlia.Com, And Today We Will Talk About SEO, The Most Talked Topic of Digital Marketing, Blogging, and Affiliate Marketing. Till Today You Must Have Heard From Many People That With SEO You Can Increase Traffic, Rankings, And Earnings Etc.

Everyone Will Give You A Different Opinion About It, Also Tell You About Its Different Methods And Some Of Them Will Also Give You Suggestions Of Many Tools And Guide on How You Can Do Better SEO With Them.

But Nowadays There Are Many People on The Internet And YouTube Who Will Give You Incomplete Information About It OR Will Simply Ask You To Buy Their Courses. But If You Want To Know Exactly What SEO Is, How It Works, What Are Its Benefits, And How You Can Do It In 2021, Then Read Our This And Upcoming Article Completely. Through Them, I Will Give You Complete Information Related To SEO in Hindi And English Without Any Cost.

Whatever Information I Will Give You Here Will Be According To The Search Engine Guidelines of 2021 And You Can Use Them To Rank Your Website And Your Client’s Website Without Any Problem.

So Let Us First Start With What is SEO, Which Is The Most Basic Topic And The Most Asked Question.

What is SEO?

SEO Means Search Engine Optimization, OR In Simple Words, Optimize The Website OR Blog According To The Search Engine Guidelines So That Search Engine Crawlers Can Easily Crawl Your Blog/Website And Understand The Information On It, Index It And Put It In Their Rank/List On Search Result Page.

Hearing Its Name, It Seems That We Have To Optimize The Search Engine In This, But In Reality, There Is Nothing Like This. Its Full Meaning And True Meaning is Optimization For Search Engine Means To Make Changes In Your Website/Blog According To The Guidelines Of Search Engines. So They Can Crawl The Pages Of Our Website In A Good Way, Understand The Information Given On It Can Understand The Structure Of Our Website And Rank Our Website And Its Content At A Good Position Based On The Searches Done By Their Users.

So Now You Must Have Understood What Is SEO. So Now After This We Turn To Our Next Question Why SEO Is Important.

Why is SEO Important?

So, Here I Will Provide You Some Points Below Which Will Clear To You Why SEO Is Important For Any Website OR Blog. Read Them Carefully Only Then You Will Know How SEO Directly OR Indirectly Affects The Success Of Any Website OR Blog.

1. SEO gives you a good position on the Search Engine Results page.

The First And Foremost Advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is “It Helps You To Get A Good Position On The Results Page Of a Search Engine”. It Is A Good And Beneficial Thing For Any Website To Be Listed On The First Page Of Search Engine Results. Apart From This, Only The first 5 Positions On The First Page Are Considered The Best Because Those 5 get The Most Part Of Your Traffic From Organic Search.

According To A Research, The Website Which Is On The First Position On The First Page, Gets About 34% Share Of Organic Search, And After That The Second Place Gets Only About 17%. You Can Understand The Part Of These Five From The Graph Given Below.

SEO Helps To Get Your Website Ranked And Listed In These First 5 Important Positions.

2. SEO Helps to Increase Your Traffic

In SEO, We Do A Lot Of Promotional Activities, So That We Can Get Many Good Links And Our Articles Can Get Maximum Reach. Which Is Helpful In Getting traffic From Many Sources And At The Same Time, Due To SEO, Our Website Ranks On The High Position In Search Engines, Which Boosts Our Organic Traffic.

Due To SEO, Daily High Traffic Comes To Our Blog/Website Which Increases The Authority, Ranks, And Income Of Our Website And Helps You To Achieve Your Goals.

3. SEO Increases Your Brand's Trust and Credibility

Because Of SEO, You Can Get Your Website Ranked Among The List Of Top Players Of Your Industry On Google And Other Search Engines. With This, Their Customers Also Get To Know About You, And Having Links From Top And Authority Websites That Are Related To Your Industry Increases Your Credibility In The Eyes Of Google And Helps Them To Understand About Your Products And Services. This Will Help Google’s Algorithm To Find A Good Slot To List Your Website In Search Results. Simultaneously, During On-Page Optimization, Due To The Removal of Broken Links, Due to Optimization of Navigation Structure, And Due to Website Speed ​​Optimization, User Satisfaction Increases, Which Increases User Trust.

4. You Can Better Target Your Local Customers Through SEO

Through SEO, You Can Not Only Target International Users/Customers, But You Can Also Target Customers In Your Nearest Area. For This, You Have To Optimize And Select The Keywords Of Your Website Page According To Your Local Area.

For Example, Suppose You Want To Attract Peoples Around You Toward Your Business, Then First You Have To Optimize Your GMB Listing According To Your Local Search Queries. And Also You Have To Create Content On Your Website According To Those Queries.

Apart From This, Platforms With Business Listings are Provided By Other Other Search Engines And Business Directories, Such As Bing Places, Yola Pages, And Other Platforms Also Have To Be Optimized For Your Local Queries.

5. SEO Improves User Experience and Navigation of Your Website

Now, This Point Is A Doubtful Point. According To Many Experts, SEO Helps To Improve Website User Experience, And Some Experts Do Not Agree With It. But According To My Experience, It Helps.

For Example, Using Navigation Breadcrumbs In My Blog Is My Solo Decision. I Will Use Them If I Want OR I Can Skip Them. But If I Want To Make My Website Fully SEO Optimized Then I Have To Add Navigation Breadcrumbs With Schema. So That Google Crawlers Can Crawl My Websites Effectively. Through This Crawler Will Better Understand The Relationship of Posts With The Topic Structure And Categories of My Website. Similarly, You Can Also Take The Example of the Table of Contents, Which Helps The User To Find The Required Part of The Post Without Reading The Whole Post.

And If I Talk In More Depth, Then Due To SEO, We Improve Things Like Schema, Speed ​​Optimization, And Interlinks In Our Website, Which Also, Improve The User Experience.

So With This, You Can Understand Yourself How SEO Improves User Experience And Navigation.

What are the types of SEO?

So Here The Opinion of Different Experts is Different. Its Type Varies According To The Way of Doing It, Its Elements, And The Work Done For It. So First of All, Let's Talk About Its Two Most Famous Types, Which Have Been Decided based on The Process To Be Done.

Types of SEO Based on Process

Depending On The Process, You Can Determine Two Types Of SEO. The First Of These is White-Hat SEO And The Second is Black-Hat SEO. Both Of These Are Very Popular Methods And Type Of SEO And There Is Also Different Opinion Too About These. Apart From These, There Is One More, Which Is Called Grey-Hat SEO, But No One Has Been Able To Completely Agree About It Till Now. But Don't Worry, You Will Get Their Basic Information Below.

1. White-Hat SEO

This Is The Most Famous Type Of SEO And This Type Of SEO Is Accepted By Everyone Without Any Hesitation. In This, The Guidelines Issued By Google And Other Search Engines Are Followed And No Work Is Done In It That Breaks The Guidelines Of Search Engines. In This, The Most Importance Is Given To On-Page SEO And An Attempt Is Made To Increase The Rank Of A Website By Outreaching. This Includes Writing High-Quality And Informative Articles, Creating Backlinks According To The Guidelines Includes Building Backlinks By Guest Posts Etc. This Will Also Include Other Search Engine Guideline Like, Optimizing URLs And Titles, Making the Website Better And Faster, And Updating Old Information To Get A Good Rank Etc.


It Will Takes Time To See Its Results And If Only You Use This Method To Rank Your Website In A Good Position. Then You Will Not Face Any Threat OR Problem From The Upcoming Google Algorithms Update In The Future. But By Following All The Guidelines of Search Engines, Ranking A Website On A Good Position Is A Very Difficult And Time-Consuming Task. White Hat SEO Is The Best Type of SEO, Which is Capable To Keep Any Website On A Very Good Position In The Future.

2. Black-Hat SEO

Now, This Is A Different Type of SEO. In This, The Rank of The Website is Increased By Breaking Some of Google's Guidelines. In This, Every Objectionable Work Is Done, So That The Rank And Authority of The Website Increase Rapidly In A Short Time. This Includes Creating Lots of Comments Backlinks, Using Hidden Text in Articles, Buying Backlinks, Using PBNs, And Using Backlinks Tools. Anyway, According To Some SEO Experts And Google Employees, There Are Nothing Like Black-Hat SEO. According To Them, "Either It Will Be SEO OR It Will Be Search Engine Spamming."

So, You Can Consider Black Hat-SEO As Search Engine Spamming. Where You Will Get High Ranking Until The Search Engine AI Will Not Find Your Spamming. After That, Your Website Will Recieve Manual Penalty From Google And Your Website Will be Put In Sandbox. With This You, Will Lose All Your Rankings And Traffic.

3. Grey-Hat SEO

This Concept Is A Bit Different. In This, The Most Important Guidelines Of The Google And Other Search Engines Are Followed, But There Are Some Such Procedures That Increase The Rankings But Google Has Not Announced Any Penalty For Them Yet. Breaking Those Rules And Using Those Procedures To Getting High-Rank As Soon As Possible Is Done In This Type SEO. In This Web 2.0 Link Chain And Indirect Link Spamming Like Process Will be Used.


This Is Not For Any New SEO Expert OR New Person in SEO. Because A Mistake Made In This Can Put The Ranking Of Your Business Website At Risk. Only an Experienced SEO Expert Can Do This.

Types Of SEO According To Changes Location And Steps To Be Taken

Now Below We, Will Discuss The Types Of SEO According To The Places To Go For SEO And The Steps To Be Followed To Do SEO. These All Are Also Types of SEO And Every Expert Agrees With Them. Everyone Gives Importance To Them And Pays Attention On These All While Doing SEO Of Any Website. So Let's Know About Them.

1. On-Page SEO

So First of All, Comes On-Page SEO, This Is The Type of SEO Which Is Completely Under Our Control. We Can Make Necessary Changes In It Whenever We Want. This Is Known As On-Page Because Whatever Is Done In It Is Done On Our Website. In This, Only The Elements Of The Website's Layout, Navigation, Content-Quality, Keywords Ratio, Heading, Titles, URL, Etc. Are Included. In This, The Changes That Should Be Made To Rank Any Particular Post Are Done. How it is done, What Things To Keep In Mind While Doing It, We Will Soon Give You A Complete Guide Related To It.

2. Off-Page SEO

This Is The Type of SEO That Is In Our Hands To Some Extent, But We Cannot Control It Completely Like On-Page SEO. This Is Equally Important As On-Page SEO. This Helps Google To Find Your New Websites And Content, Locate Its Related Websites And Pages, And Provide The Right Position To Your Websites In Search Results.

It Includes All The Work That We Do On Other Websites And Platforms Other Than Our Website, So That Our Website Gets Maximum Reference And Link Juice And Ranks On A Better Position In Search Engines. This Includes Creating Backlinks And Promotional activities. You Will Also Get The Complete Guide Related To This In Our Upcoming Posts.

3. Technical SEO

Now, This Is The Type Of SEO, Which Is Related To The Technical Management Of Any Website. In This, Many Times A Website Has To Change Some Of Its Source Code To Make Changes According To The Guidelines of Search Engine. This Change Can Also Be To Remove Some Source Codes OR Add New Codes. Apart From This, Integrating Schema Markup In the Website, Adding Permalinks And Layout Design, Inserting Table of Contents And Designing it, Removing Unwanted Codes From the Website, and Optimize JS Files and CSS Files and Generate Cache for Websites And setting up things like Reverse Proxy, etc, Also A Part of Technical SEO.

To-Do All This, Either You Have To Use WordPress Plugins (If You Use WordPress) Otherwise, You Will Have To Get These Changes Done In Your Website By Paying A Developer. In This Type of SEO, The Main Focus Is On Technical Changes So That The Rankings Of The Website Are Improved. You Will Also, Get Complete Guides Related To This Here In A Few Days.

4. Local SEO

Now, This SEO Is Effective For All Small And Big Businesses. In This, Your Websites And Other Platforms Such As Google My Business, Bing Places Etc Are Optimized According To The Queries Searched In The Local Area Around You. This Is The Strategy of Search Engine Optimization That Is Used To Give Maximum Visibility To A Business In Its Local Search Results.

Any Business That Has A Fixed Location (Shop OR Office) And Supplies Its Goods And Services Only To A Certain Extent, Can Earn Maximum Profit From Local SEO. In This, The Main Thing Is To Get The Website Of That Business Ranked On Local Queries And Get That Business Verified On Various Maps.

A Complete Guide About This Will be Published Soon.

5. Negative SEO

Now, This SEO Is What No One Wants To Do On His Website, But His Competitors Give Him This SEO For Free As A Gift. It Is Used To Outrank Any Website OR Get It Penalized From Google. This Includes Creating Spammy Backlinks, Submitting Negative Reviews, 301 Redirect Any Spammy Domain To Competitor’s Websites, Etc. All These Can Damage Any Business Websites And The reputation of That Business.

Usually, All The Actions Of Black-Hat SEO Are Included In This, The Only Difference Is That It Is Not Done By The Owner Of The Website To Get The Best Rank But By Competitors To Eliminate The Rankings Of That Website.

So These Were All Types of SEO Which Are Currently Dominated On The Internet.

Some Questions And Answers Related To SEO

So Now That You Have Got Information About What Is SEO, Why It Is Important, And How Many Types Are There, But Still Have Any Questions, Then You Can Get Their Solution Through Some Of The Questions And Answers Given Below.

What Is SEO And How Does It Work?

SEO Means Search Engine Optimization And It Is A Strategy Of Digital Marketing Which Is Used To Increase The Visibility Of Your Website On The Result Page Of Search Engines, Such As Google, Bing Etc. Various Tips/Methods Used In This, That Helps Your Website To Achieve High Visibility In Search Results.

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO Increases The Visibility Of Your Products And Services By Improving The Rank Of Your Website. This Improves Your Organic Traffic And Increases The Brand Value And Trust Of Your Business. Which Helps You To Attract More And More Customers And Increase The Profits And Revenue Of The Business Without Spending Money On Advertisements.

What Are The Types of SEO?

In General, There Are Four (4) Types Of SEO:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

So, These Were Some Important Questions Related To SEO And Their Answers.


I Hope This Article Of Ours Has Given You Complete Information About, What Is SEO, Why It Is Important, And How Many Types Of It Is There. If You Still Have Some Doubts Then You Can Comment on Them Below. We Will Try To Solve Them As Soon As Possible.

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